I'm so fucking mad cause my mom won't get me a turtle... It's so retarded cause she's basically against anything that moves besides fish. She's scared of dogs because they 'bite', she scared of cats because they scratch? She even against me getting a fucking turtle because of God knows what... they're $20 for God's sake... I got like 400 bucks for christmas from my aunt, spending 25% of it on a hobby I can probably maintain for about 4+ years...

Well, asides from ranting about my turtle problem, I'm waiting for exp card time right now. It starts in an hour.

School starts tomorrow... Can't wait till 2nd semester comes. Then I won't have to do gym and religion anymore><. Next Semester's classes are the hard ones; math, english, science. Even though I'll probably have to spend more time on my homework, I don't have to deal with the fucking idiots in my school anymore because they are all AP courses ( Advanced Placement classes for "nerds"like me)

I'm gonna go out for some afternoon snack now.. i'll come back later to post screenies of my new eyes o.O lol
by Kagekai | 2007-01-08 04:17