So i lied when I said that this blogg would be updated more often.. but here are some of the things I have done since the last blog:

- TURTLES! got 3 res and i'm really happy!

- First Anego leech.. + 30% whoopee! (Steven went onto ly's hermit (and lost i think like 15%) and did almost nothing) Finally a japanese party showed up and allowed me to leech them in exchange for my anego.

- Exams are teh next week.... booo.... so stressed out, my very 1st exam!.

So i wanna be active.... cause i wanna get to 92 so i can spirit viking, but i unno if that's possible. If anyone can, sell me a sakuchiketto (exp card) for the month of Feb. Mine ends this month ><

That's all for today, i'll be back laterz.
by Kagekai | 2007-01-25 09:29