So i lied when I said that this blogg would be updated more often.. but here are some of the things I have done since the last blog:

- TURTLES! got 3 res and i'm really happy!

- First Anego leech.. + 30% whoopee! (Steven went onto ly's hermit (and lost i think like 15%) and did almost nothing) Finally a japanese party showed up and allowed me to leech them in exchange for my anego.

- Exams are teh next week.... booo.... so stressed out, my very 1st exam!.

So i wanna be active.... cause i wanna get to 92 so i can spirit viking, but i unno if that's possible. If anyone can, sell me a sakuchiketto (exp card) for the month of Feb. Mine ends this month ><

That's all for today, i'll be back laterz.
# by Kagekai | 2007-01-25 09:29
I'm so fucking mad cause my mom won't get me a turtle... It's so retarded cause she's basically against anything that moves besides fish. She's scared of dogs because they 'bite', she scared of cats because they scratch? She even against me getting a fucking turtle because of God knows what... they're $20 for God's sake... I got like 400 bucks for christmas from my aunt, spending 25% of it on a hobby I can probably maintain for about 4+ years...

Well, asides from ranting about my turtle problem, I'm waiting for exp card time right now. It starts in an hour.

School starts tomorrow... Can't wait till 2nd semester comes. Then I won't have to do gym and religion anymore><. Next Semester's classes are the hard ones; math, english, science. Even though I'll probably have to spend more time on my homework, I don't have to deal with the fucking idiots in my school anymore because they are all AP courses ( Advanced Placement classes for "nerds"like me)

I'm gonna go out for some afternoon snack now.. i'll come back later to post screenies of my new eyes o.O lol
# by Kagekai | 2007-01-08 04:17
So i'm level 82 now.. pet is still dead... exp card isn;t on yet so I'm still waiting... yea.. ntohing much today... tried scrolling a luk cape, and it justdied.. the whole thing... 2m wasted..
# by Kagekai | 2007-01-04 00:26
Right. So I shall be blogging once again due to the appearance of a new exp card ^^. Christmas is gone, and so is the year 2006, so my NYR is to try not to say anything offensive to anyone... at all. I have 270 p right now, which sucks because I need 20 p more for a pet revive and I can't seem to get it. School starts in a week, goingto watch tv now. Bye
# by Kagekai | 2007-01-03 11:33
Lol puff I'll take em back next time i see you online...
I can chew now !!

My birthday is in 2 days


# by KageKai | 2006-10-04 07:53
Puff... you still have p? I want 1000...

I gottted braces for my top row of teethes.... I can't chew yet >.<

# by KageKai | 2006-09-23 03:56
High School
So the first week has gone by.. nothing is really special about high school... the ap courses are so damn easy... and the academic courses are just stupid...

I take academic geo cause i hate it... the people in my class are so dumb.. it takes the majority of them a whole period to finish a worksheet where you have to fill in a compass -.-

Noone even reads this.. but meh...

I kind of stopped mapling... it's just not that interesting anymore.. somebody tell me if a cool event comes. byeee
# by KageKai | 2006-09-13 05:15
So yea.. i'm soo bored... does anyone even read these things? Nguyen i think is coming back to jms... Charles (or w/e his name is ) is supposedly going to start up dexterity (>.>)

Puff is on vacation? so I have no one to talk to ...

Har Har I still have the pass to Angered... I forgot it... then I found it on phil's sister's blogg (*cough*)

ヘ(^0^)ヘ ☆大爆笑☆ ヘ(^0^)ヘ

Yay japanese smiley faces
# by KageKai | 2006-08-08 06:31
Yar.. So I'm lv. 78 now.. exp card expires in 3 days. hoping to get to 80 before it expires. Somehow got myself 16m o.O and was about to blow it all on a complete cash shop set. Went against that and I think I'm going to try to either scroll a workglove or buy a +8 one in the fm..

Spent the whole day training with yuppa. We went gunboss (died 6 times), then decided to go to kappas. Exp there was okay.. but Ididn'y gain much because I lost about 30% before that...

We talked about some pretty random crap during that... and Now I'm completely bored...
# by KageKai | 2006-07-21 10:35
Uggh... still stuck at 73.. exp card about to expire.. I must get to GB before school ends... = impossible..

I'm thinking about 70% scrolling a workglove... hopefully I can make a 5+ attack one...

Yuppa got to lv. 11x in 1 month from 70.... I hope I can join you in mafias office one day ^^
# by KageKai | 2006-06-15 07:50